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Healthy Cooking Oils

Which cooking oil is healthier? Nowadays, the grocery stores are teeming with various kinds of cooking oils, from the well-known go-tos, such as vegetable oil and olive oil, to the newer selections like avocado oil and walnut oil. With the increasingly diverse options in the market, how… Read More

Let’s Talk Immune Health Through Nutrition

The winter months can be cold and bitter. With COVID-19 variants on the rise again, one can’t be too careful when it comes to maintaining good health. Along with dealing with the continued pandemic, the winter months bring along increased cases of the cold and flu. Flu… Read More

Growing our Community

Community has always been integral to achieving our mission of providing children with the nutrition they need to grow healthy bodies and minds.  Through aligned partnerships and programs we have supported local, national and now global organizations that engage our team members to enrich our communities. Read More

Introducing the Pantry Box!

In the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gourmet Gorilla quickly began providing free, home delivered meals to the thousands of students it had been serving in schools throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. Through the USDAs Summer Food Service Program, families can pick up meals curbside at… Read More

Breakfast in the Classroom

Eating school breakfast does more than just add a healthy, nutritional meal to a student’s day. School breakfast consumption is associated with improved school attendance, educational performance, and overall diet quality. Furthermore, school breakfast participation has the power to reduce food waste. Best yet, most school breakfast… Read More

Our take on S U G A R

At Gourmet Gorilla we take nutrition very seriously and take great care to think about the ingredients we put in our food since we are in the business of feeding children. Every recipe is methodically tested and each potential ingredient thought about not only in… Read More

Our tasty snacks just keep GROWING!

We know that you’re already big fans of our GROWbars, and everyone has their favorite among our 4 popular flavors, Choco Crisp, Cranberry Harvest, Apple Orchard and Strawberry Fields. But we just can’t get enough of a good thing, and really love our oats here… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Director of Nutrition – Alyssa De La Peña

There is so much thought that goes into planning Gourmet Gorilla’s seasonal menus. From making sure our food represents a variety of different cultural backgrounds, to sourcing only clean label ingredients, there are many things to consider when deciding what makes in on our menu. Luckily, we… Read More

Farm to School Programs: the key to a resilient local food system?

The demand for local food has been on the rise for the last decade. Terms such as “farm-to-table” or “farm-to-glass” have become omnipresent in tandem with this growing demand for the hyper local. Whether it be food or beverage, the “farm-to” movement is becoming quite a big… Read More

Summer Meals: More Than Just a Lunch

The beginning of June is an exciting time, especially for kids. The arrival of June means they are one step closer to summer break; a time of freedom, relaxation, and warm summer days. But with school being out of session, the summer also becomes a critical time… Read More