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Charter Schools

Charting Healthy Partnerships

Working Together to Keep Students Healthy

We have years of experience serving a variety of educational institutions, including charter schools! Charter school administrators tend to appreciate our customer support and responsiveness, and, together, we make a great team. As one of the leading food service providers for schools, we support charter schools in a number of ways, including:

Ensuring meals meet all requirements
Providing support with audits
Focusing on participation
Conducting continual surveys to ensure meals meet student, school and family needs
Providing equipment and kitchen facilities support for new buildouts
Sharing nutrition education
Providing a variety of meal service options for schools lacking full-service kitchens or staff to support

We’re always looking to “chart” new territory, so please contact us if your charter school is looking for a new school lunch vendor to deliver breakfasts, lunches, suppers and/or snacks.

Hear from two charter school partners below, and be sure to check out our Client Success Stories.

Partnerships that Produce Success

If you’re wondering how Gourmet Gorilla could benefit your school, check out how we’ve helped others!

“The Gourmet Gorilla food options meet required nutritional standards and are tasty (some options in particular are very popular with students), the ordering system is simple to use, and the servers provided are hard-working and report for duty on time. While of course every food service program will have its challenges, we have been pleased with the staff’s responsiveness to issues that arise and partnership with us in solving for those in the moment and ongoing.”

– Shannon Donnelly
Chief Operating Officer
Chicago Collegiate Charter School

“Throughout our partnership, [Gourmet Gorilla] has been incredibly supportive and responsive. The food that is served is consistently high quality and they regularly solicit feedback from students about their likes and dislikes. They gather serving data to see what food items are popular and adjust their menus when something is consistently unpopular.

As a parent as well as a school leader I am incredibly pleased with our Gourmet Gorilla partnership. There is something to be said when my 6th grader consistently chooses school lunch over a homemade one.”

– Michelle Navarre
Head of School
Polaris Charter Academy

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