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School Meals that Pass Every Test

Food that Meets Their Needs

Nutrition is important throughout every stage of life. At Gourmet Gorilla, we offer healthy meal choices for one year through high school.

Of course, toddlers are going to have different food preferences than teens. Our online ordering system allows administrators to select meals that are most appropriate for students regarding their ages, palates and dietary needs. Curious about making the switch to a new K 12 food service company? Take a look at our sample menus.

We’re Here to Serve

Every school is different, and we’re happy to work with any unique requirements, from dietary restrictions, to portion sizes to delivery times. We even take student feedback into account, making menu adjustments based on students’ likes and dislikes.

It’s important for Gourmet Gorilla, one of the premier breakfast, dinner, snack and school lunch suppliers, to stay in frequent contact with their clients. Our team is extremely responsive, so never hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email.

Keeping Kids Healthy and Clients Happy

We’re no ordinary school lunch supplier. We will always go the extra mile for the students we serve. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the innovative work we’ve done for clients.

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for coordinating routes to provide the best lunches/service. Antonio came surprisingly earlier today. He said he had different deliveries today and knew the timing would not work out if he delivered lunches later. So he came here to make sure the lunches got here before 12:15, so nice of him to plan ahead. You have a good team, even the newbies learning the ropes. Thanks for all you do!”

– Ellwyn, Lake Forest

“Just to let you know pizza dippers were great! Teachers and students enjoyed them. Thank you”

– Katie, Metro Prep

“I just reviewed the options for lunch this upcoming school year! Looks awesome! I may want to order an extra one for myself!”

– Parent, First Immanuel

“Hello! Thank you for all you do. We’re so happy with the school’s decision to switch to Gourmet Gorilla. It’s much healthier and my child enjoys it more”

– Norridge parent

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