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Becoming a New Client

The Gourmet Gorilla Onboarding Process

It can feel overwhelming to hire a new school lunch company and have to learn how it operates. At Gourmet Gorilla, we make the onboarding process as simple and easy as possible. We’ve broken down what you need to know when you begin a partnership with Gourmet Gorilla!

We always offer tastings to potential clients. It’s the best way for you to determine if our meals are a good fit for your student body! However, based on most clients’ responses, we think you will love the food you sample. Contact Us to schedule a tasting.

Clients work with the Client Account Team during the onboarding process and for any needs that arise throughout their partnership with Gourmet Gorilla. The Client Account Team is available to assist with any client needs, including ordering questions, order changes, delivery requests or menu accommodations.

Deliveries occur daily and are customized according to schools’ individual locations and meal times. To best accommodate each school’s needs and preferences, the Client Account Team gathers information related to meal times and delivery windows to find just the right place for new schools on one of our delivery routes.

Gourmet Gorilla clients feel seen and have their needs met. While serving students quality food is our top priority, food service at Gourmet Gorilla goes beyond the production and delivery of nutritious meals. Gourmet Gorilla’s diversity of food options and flexibility to make changes put clients at the center of our operations.

In the case that any issue arises, our accessible Client Account Team quickly responds to resolve problems or errors, and our entire team listens to clients’ needs. Our processes are flexible enough to respond to any situation accordingly.

We have more in common with our customers than just an appreciation for good food. Our customers can appreciate their relationship with Gourmet Gorilla for shared missions prioritizing health, safety and sustainability for current and future generations.

After signing a contract, gaining access to the food ordering site is the next step of the onboarding process. The Client Account team sets up an account with your email and provides the login information prior to your start date. With the Gourmet Gorilla team taking care of creating your account profile, all you have to do is place your first order.

Gourmet Gorilla requests a two week turnaround time frame from contract signature to your first delivery. These two weeks give our team time to set your school up for success.

After your contract is signed, our team gets to work. The next two weeks are all about prepping to feed your students. We’ll gather necessary information about your school regarding delivery availability, equipment needs, and nutritional and menu preferences.

Once our team has created your account, you can use our online ordering system to place your first order! We ask that you order meals no later than midnight on Wednesday the week before they’re delivered to your school. The first delivery includes your food, equipment and welcome materials.

Because our team takes care of all the backend work, your transition to starting services with Gourmet Gorilla is truly seamless. All you need to do is be ready to order and accept your first delivery of delicious, organic meals!

If you have any other questions about our onboarding process, we’re happy to answer them! Contact us now.

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