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How Online Ordering Works

It's easy as A, B, C

When you’re ordering from school lunch suppliers, we believe the process should be as user-friendly as possible. Every school should be able to easily secure healthy, delicious meals for their students! Gourmet Gorilla keeps online orders simple and efficient thanks to our app/portal. Check out its features below, and set up your profile today.

A Dashboard that Keeps You on Track

Once you have signed up with Gourmet Gorilla, you will be taken to a dashboard with all of your relevant account information. This is where you will add payment methods, schools and specific students.

A Handy Roster of Your Schools and Students

Your dashboard features every organization where you have students enrolled. You may add a child by entering your school’s organization code, which will be provided by the school upon registration. This allows you – and us – to keep up with a student’s specific dietary needs and eliminate food waste.

A Menu Calendar for Planning

Our ordering system makes it simple to know when and what you can order each day. When you begin to place an order, you will see a calendar with all the days available for ordering. You’ll select a day, see its meal options, and enter the number of portions you’ll need for the meal(s). After placing an order, you’ll click on the next available date to order for that date.

Our system allows you to select different meals for different students based on their dietary restrictions, allergies or even preferences.

Fresh Food Made to Order

All of our meals are cooked fresh every day, so it’s very important that we get a headcount! We ask that you order meals no later than midnight on Wednesday the week before they’re delivered to your school. This lets us know how much food to prepare each day and ensures that your students get healthy, made-from-scratch dishes on the table. Fresh is best!

Checkout that Saves Time

Once you have selected your meals, you can enjoy our fast checkout. Our app/portal requires you keep a credit card on file, which allows you to wrap up your order with the click of a button. You will receive an email confirmation of your orders.

Responsive Customer Service

If you have any questions or issues whatsoever, you can always contact us at or call 877-219-FOOD (3663). We’ll do whatever it takes to get healthy, great-tasting meals to your school!

Delicious, nutritious meals – that will please students, faculty and parents – await! Set up your Gourmet Gorilla profile now and place your orders. Our kitchen is ready for you!

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