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For Parents

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At Gourmet Gorilla, We Care About Children’s Nutrition

As a company founded by parents, we understand your concerns when it comes to the food your child is served. In fact, we started Gourmet Gorilla because we were looking for better options for our child’s school lunches! Our meals are designed to meet the needs of children, parents and administrators. Read up on how we dish out the best healthy lunch programs for schools.

Sample Menus

Curious about our meals? Check out our sample menus to get a taste of what Gourmet Gorilla serves students for breakfast, lunch, supper and snack time.

Regional Farm Partnerships

Wondering how we source our food? Read up on our partnerships with local farmers and providers.

Working with Schools

Want to learn more about our years of experience? Read about our history in schools and our values that transcend the classroom!

How Online Ordering Works

Worried the meal ordering process will be difficult? Get the breakdown of our easy-to-use online ordering system.

Why Gourmet Gorilla

Interested in what makes us stand out from other school lunch companies? See our list of key differentiators that we’re very proud to offer.


We work with every child’s unique dietary needs, from food allergies to dietary and religious restrictions. When ordering meals from Gourmet Gorilla, administrators are able to make note of specific students’ needs, and our chefs follow this guide when cooking each day. Your child will always receive a delicious meal that was created just for them. That’s the beauty of Gourmet Gorilla’s healthy lunch programs for schools!

For additional peace of mind, know that Gourmet Gorilla operates in a peanut and tree nut free-facility.

Yes! The majority of our ingredients are organic. In fact, we strive to obtain 70% of our ingredients from local, sustainable and organic purveyors. Our meats are free range, grass fed and all natural, and they have not been subjected to artificial growth hormones and antibiotics, or artificial preservatives.

We are proud to be an environmentally friendly and healthy lunch program for schools! Our kitchen is constantly working toward becoming zero waste with a composting program, recycling program, and delivery via environmentally responsible vehicles.

Schools that partner with Gourmet Gorilla not only obtain better nutrition and safer food, but also help the local economy, promote food security and encourage environmental responsibility.

Yes, our meals are cooked from scratch by our chefs every morning. Once the dishes are prepared, they are delivered to your child’s school to be served fresh.

Yes! We email parents the upcoming menus, or schools share them with families in advance.

Yes! All of our meals are developed by chefs, nutritionists and dieticians with input from kids, parents and educators. Our goal is to serve healthy food that kids want to eat! Parents provide great insight into children’s likes and dislikes. Please Contact Us to get in touch.

We’d love to get Gourmet Gorilla in as many schools as possible! Students – and the community – truly benefit from our healthy meals made with locally-sourced ingredients. If you want to get Gourmet Gorilla’s healthy lunch programs for schools in your child’s academic institution, we recommend talking with your administrators and filling out our form below.

Want Gourmet Gorilla At Your School?

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