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Since we started back in 2008, Gourmet Gorilla has provided millions of meals to early childhood and K-12 schools throughout Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. The services we provide go beyond the nutritious, delicious meals we prepare for students.

Top of the Class in Customer Solutions/Service

In the school lunch industry, flexibility is a must. Because some students have allergies as well as religious and dietary restrictions, school meals are not one-size-fits-all. This is why Gourmet Gorilla offers healthy meal delivery services with customized solutions based on individual needs. Every child deserves a tasty meal that fits into their diet!

Our online ordering system makes it easy to get all the right meals on the cafeteria table. Plus, our team of drivers ensures that the right meals are delivered at the right time. We know that, sometimes, schedules change, and we are more than willing to adjust drop-off times.

If you ever have any questions or requests, we’re in touch – and we’re known for our swift responses! Feel free to call or email us to discuss anything related to our healthy meal delivery services, whether it’s feedback on menu items, questions regarding nutritional content or last-minute order change requests.

“Thanks for letting us continue to order smaller meal sizes and delivering each day. You have no idea how much I appreciate it and the preschoolers, too. There is already so much other stuff to try to adjust to (masks, changing shoes at school, taking temperatures, etc.) It is nice to be able to have something I am familiar with.”

– Sage

Easy Online Ordering

Your time is valuable, and we don’t want you to spend too much of it placing meal orders. Our online ordering system is simple and easy to use. You can select the meals that fit your students’ needs as well as customize meals for those with dietary restrictions.

Once your orders are placed, your job is done. After being cooked fresh each morning, your students’ meals will be delivered via environmentally responsible vehicles.

Fair warning: our meal options could make you hungry, so you might not want to place orders on an empty stomach. Check out our sample menus to get a taste of what’s available to your students from our healthy meal delivery services!

With our online ordering system, it’s easy to sign up and get started with Gourmet Gorilla. Learn more about becoming a new client.

Environmental Awareness

If being eco-friendly is important to your school, we’re the school lunch supplier for you. Our kitchen boasts a composting program, recycling program and delivery via environmentally responsible vehicles. We partner with local sustainable providers, which allows us to get the freshest food possible and helps the local economy in the process. We’re proud to offer menu items that can be traced back to local farms and producers.

Our planet provides us with delicious, healthy food – the least we can do is take good care of our only food source!

We’re Good Listeners

Utilizing local and sustainable ingredients, we provide healthier meal options than other school lunch companies. And we aren’t just saying that – we call in the experts to ensure our menus are the best. Our meals are developed by chefs, nutritionists and dietitians with input from kids, parents and educators. We always take our customers’ opinions into consideration. Want to talk? Contact us.

“We truly appreciate how quickly you were able to make changes to ensure our student’s health and safety.”

– Chicago Preschool Client

We would love to provide our healthy meal delivery services to you! Check out the work we’ve done for other schools in our Client Success Stories.

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