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Working with Schools

Fresh Food Is Brain Food

Nutritious Meals for Every Student

Meals at school—school lunches, breakfasts, and even snacks—should help nourish the mind and body, preparing students to learn. And educational meals and school lunch suppliers should be flexible enough to satisfy an entire student body, serving each child the specific, high-quality food they need to thrive.

Gourmet Gorilla offers healthy and diverse breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks that please students, faculty and parents.

Our Story Starts at School

Our company began because our founders, Danielle and Jason, were dissatisfied with their child’s school lunch, which included additives, food coloring and processed foods. They collaborated with the school to revamp its menu with healthier, great-tasting meals. From there, Gourmet Gorilla began to grow our local and organic school meal catering service throughout Northern Illinois and Wisconsin.

When they partnered with schools, our founders also partnered with local farms to source the organic and sustainable crops that ended up on students’ trays. And the rest is history.

Our Clients are Our Partners

Students’ health and safety are your top priorities, and they’re ours as well. We know from firsthand experience that not all school lunch delivery services are created equal. That’s why we’re transparent about the ingredients in our dishes – you can even trace them. It’s our responsibility to serve students the cream of the crop!

When we partner with a school, we go all in. Whatever students need, we work hard to provide the very best school lunch delivery service. Our online app/portal has streamlined meal orders, but we are still only a phone call or email away if any questions or issues arise. Have questions now?

Our Values Go Beyond the Cafeteria

We now serve thousands of meals each day, but we have always stayed true to our roots: expanding young palates by introducing them to healthy, kid-friendly and great-tasting meals via local and organic school meal catering.

Parents are always grateful to see their children welcome a variety of flavors – it makes mealtime easier at home! But, even more so, food diversity is a learning and educational experience.

It’s important for students to see their culture represented in the food they’re served. It’s also important for students to learn about different cultures through the food they’re served. Our meals aim to make the planet greener, and we’d love for them to make it kinder, too.

Our Students Deserve A+ Meals

Food diversity and healthy ingredients are a necessity at every school. We go to great lengths to ensure that students and administrators are happy with our meal options. Students with allergies, as well as dietary or religious restrictions, will always have the right food on the table. And all students will enjoy a variety of fresh, organic foods that meet their nutritional needs.

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