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Healthy Eating Starts Young

Creating Adventurous Eaters

It’s never too early to practice good nutrition. Gourmet Gorilla provides healthy breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks to early childhood programs and Pre-K schools, and these meals can be just as diverse as those served to older children.

When children are exposed to a variety of flavors at a young age, they’ll likely become adventurous eaters, which opens up so many avenues towards healthy eating. There’s a common misconception that young children don’t like “healthy” foods. But children in early childhood programs and Pre-K kids will actually eat much more than we give them credit for if the dishes are prepared the right way. Looking for a healthier alternative to school food service companies? Give Gourmet Gorilla a try!

To ensure that children of all ages – even the youngest – will enjoy our meals, every item on our menu is kid-tested. This method helps us learn how kids’ preferences differ from adults’ and heavily influences how we cook meals.

Eliminating Food Waste

We don’t want any foods that leave our kitchen to go to waste. Therefore, we provide meals that specifically cater to each age group. Our research – including kid taste-tests – guides us. We found that preschoolers will eat steamed broccoli if it’s blanched and cold. So, that’s how we present it to them. Compared to other school food service companies, we provide kids with meals they want to eat!

Schools can use our online portal/app to order meals for every student, even the pickiest of eaters. We have options that are sure to please everyone. If one student is not quite as adventurous as the rest, we can provide a meal that’s to their taste. The same goes for dietary, religious and allergy restrictions. As a healthy school food service company, we believe every child should finish mealtime happily and with a full belly.

Growing Healthy Habits that Last

Pre-K is a crucial time to develop healthy eating habits, and little ones need consistency. Healthy eating at home should be reinforced by healthy meals at school, and vice versa. Gourmet Gorilla is the kids lunch delivery service that can help children enjoy and appreciate nutritious foods, not just during Pre-K, but for life.

Does your Pre-K need healthier, tastier meals? We can make that happen, working with each child’s dietary needs or restrictions. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers – and we’re known for our quick and helpful responses!

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