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Growing our Community

Published January 13, 2021

Community has always been integral to achieving our mission of providing children with the nutrition they need to grow healthy bodies and minds.  Through aligned partnerships and programs we have supported local, national and now global organizations that engage our team members to enrich our communities.

Beginning this year, we are excited to expand our community through a partnership with Congo Kids Initiative in their work to provide a safe and caring home for orphaned children in Eastern Congo.  Located in Bunia, Congo, CKI is an orphanage and school started 17  years ago by journalists to help children who have lost their parents and communities to conflict by providing much needed medical attention, nutrition, shelter, education, and love.

Through this partnership,  Gourmet Gorilla has donated an entire year’s worth of formula, ensuring that this critical piece of nutrition for the infants is provided.  Our team will also be working alongside members of the CKI team, orphanage and school staff in sharing best practices regarding child nutrition, curriculum and school garden programs. We are excited not only to share our learnings from the work we do here in the states, and how some of it can be applied to CKI’s community, but also to learn much from the CKI family, and how their systems and knowledge can expand our thinking around food systems and nutrition in programs we serve in the US.

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