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Good For All

Good For All Over the past month Gourmet Gorilla raised over $2,200 in support of Chicago’s Polaris Charter Academy. The 7th grade class at PCA is rounding out their school year by focusing on the food system, covering topics like food security, sustainability and healthy food access. PCA, located in… Read More

Gourmet Gorilla in the Classroom

Here at Gourmet Gorilla we believe education is an important component of health and nutrition. Healthy habits, and conversely unhealthy ones, are learned in childhood. With this fact in mind, Gourmet Gorilla has been offering classes for local students, to teach them all about both nutrition and sustainable farming practices… Read More

Gorilla Classes

Cooking Up Pizza and Compost Last Friday the second grade class of Congress Park Elementary School visited us at Gourmet Gorilla Headquarters for a morning of cooking, education and composting. The class kicked off with a talk about the different ingredients in pizza and whether they are considered to be… Read More

After the Bell

Gourmet Gorilla Mission “We are committed to working with community partners to provide solid nutrition for all children in order to help them learn and grow.” From the beginning Gourmet Gorilla has been dedicated to providing healthy, nutrient dense foods to kids all across Northern Illinois. Multiple studies have shown… Read More

Spring into Farmer’s Market Season

Temperatures are increasing and the city’s plant life is turning to vibrant hues of green, spring is officially in the air here in Chicago! And with it comes the start of the city’s numerous farmers markets. This past Thursday, the largest running farmers market in Chicago, Daley Plaza Farmers Market,… Read More

Taking the Local Option

Eating with the seasons. While there are a few frigid months in Chicago that put farming—for the most part—on hold, eating locally allows consumers’ taste buds to experience the seasonality of their location, like eating fresh greens in the late spring and apples in the fall. This month consumers in… Read More

We’re not rolling back.

Congress passed the bipartisan Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act back in 2010. It included new school meal guidelines which introduced more whole grains, lower sodium levels, and more fruits and vegetables into school lunches! Since it’s founding, Gourmet Gorilla has always exceeded nutritional guidelines. When these new guidelines came out, we… Read More


Over the past month, the hot nutrition topic at Gourmet Gorilla has been sugar. What is sugar? What is the effect on the body? And how can we reduce it? All great questions. There are two types of sugars that I like to focus on, natural sugar & added sugar. Read More

Nutrition: The Real MVP!

We all know that nutrition is an important player in any sport, but have you considered the role that snacking can play on and off the field? This past Friday Gourmet Gorilla hosted the Chicago Kics United Soccer team, where the players learned all about how healthy snacking can give… Read More

What’s in Season: Spinach, Carrots & Broccoli

  At long last, the weather is warming up. Here in Chicago, late spring weather brings a few welcomed changes—like it’s finally time to put winter jackets in storage (at least for a few months). The change in weather also means it’s time to take advantage of Illinois’ late spring… Read More