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Published May 30, 2017

Cooking Up Pizza and Compost

Last Friday the second grade class of Congress Park Elementary School visited us at Gourmet Gorilla Headquarters for a morning of cooking, education and composting.

The class kicked off with a talk about the different ingredients in pizza and whether they are considered to be fruits, vegetables or something else. After going through each component, we let the students put on the ‘chef hat’ and make their own personal pizza. The students rolled their own dough, spread their organic tomato-based sauce and topped off their creations with choices of cheese, olives, peppers, ham and mushroom.

While the pizzas cooked in the oven, the Gourmet Gorilla team went into the next lesson; compost! The Congress Park Elementary students impressed everyone with their knowledge of the different parts that make up compost (brown things and green things) and what it can do (turn into rich soil). After learning about the different components of a compost pile, the students made their own by combining layers of soil, shredded paper and vegetable scraps. While the end product isn’t as delicious as pizza, the students took pride in that their creation.

Before heading back to school each student got to taste and take home his or her specific pizza. We are so happy we were able to share such a educational and fun morning with the Congress Park Elementary students and can’t wait for them to come back soon!

– Johnny Sudekum, Sourcing and Customer Service Specialist

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