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Learn how to Compost!

Springtime Activities: Learn how to Compost! Longer days, the sun shining, the smell of soil and earth outdoors, and the removal of long underwear from your daily wardrobe can only mean one thing:  springtime in Chicago is finally here! Spring is a great time to plan outdoor… Read More

It’s National Nutrition Month!

March marks the beginning of National Nutrition Month! National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It is celebrated every March with the goal to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthy eating and lifestyle… Read More

Staff Spotlight!

Staff Spotlight: Samuel Parker – Logistics Manager This week, we sat down with Logistics Manager Samuel Parker. As the manager of our driver fleet, Sam plays a huge park in ensuring that healthy, cooked from scratch meals are delivered to kiddos all throughout Chicagloand on a daily basis. Read on… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A New Way of Looking at Valentine’s Day Ok., Valentine’s Day may be a controversial holiday. This holiday is often dismissed as a commercialized celebration created by Hallmark to increase sales of greeting cards, chocolate and candy. However, this is not completely true; some of the first records… Read More

Living with Food Allergies

Tree nut allergies have become a nemesis for many families all-across the country, causing many households, schools, and community centers to maintain a nut free environment. This can be complicated, especially with the prevalence of nuts in all sorts of snacks and sweets. New research being presented at… Read More

Welcome Our New Dietetics Intern: Tracey!

We are so thrilled that Tracey will be joining the Gourmet Gorilla team for the next month! Read on to learn more about our new intern! Hi my name is Tracey, and I am so excited to be working with Gourmet Gorilla for the next month as part… Read More

Cooking and Preserving the Autumn Harvest

You know the end of summer is near when the piles of heirloom tomatoes, leafy lettuces, pints of fresh berries and quarts of stone fruit slowly dwindle away from the weekly offering at your neighborhood farmers market. In its place are heaps of colorful carrots, hearty brassicas like… Read More

It’s National School Lunch Week!

It’s National School Lunch Week! This week at Gourmet Gorilla, we are excited to highlight the National School Lunch Program! Not sure what that is? Read on to find out more! The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) was established in 1946 by President Harry Truman. Over the… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Lead Baker Daisy Lopez!

This week, I sat down with Gourmet Gorilla’s lead baker, Daisy Lopez, to discuss everything from blueberry bread to tarantulas. As Gourmet Gorilla’s lead baker, Daisy is the creator of all those delicious breads, brownies, and muffins that have become kid favorites. Read on to find out more… Read More

Scratch Cooking

Scratch Cooking Cooking from scratch often seems like a daunting task to many. The convenience of heating up a frozen meal compared to starting from single ingredients is much more appealing on a Monday night for most families! As a dietitian cooking healthy and fresh meals is a… Read More