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Our take on S U G A R

Published January 21, 2020

At Gourmet Gorilla we take nutrition very seriously and take great care to think about the ingredients we put in our food since we are in the business of feeding children. Every recipe is methodically tested and each potential ingredient thought about not only in terms of flavor and appeal but nutritional value. Sugar happens to be one of these ingredients.

N a t u r a l Sugar
There are two different types of sugar in food: fructose or lactose (the sugar in fruit or in milk products) and added sugar (prepared or processed sugar that is added). Natural sugar that is found in whole fruit is there for a reason: flavor and energy. This is because sugar is the smallest unit of carbohydrates, which our body and brains run on to survive. Nutrient wise- Fruits are much more than just a “colorful sugar bomb” because of all the nutrients they provide like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The difference in sugar between different fruit types is minimal so when picking out which fruit to eat dietitians recommend focusing on flavor and what you enjoy rather than the grams of sugar.

Sugar R u s h

We did some digging on the science behind a “sugar rush” or the increase in hyperactivity after ingesting a lot of sugar and found that there was no conclusive evidence to support it. Multiple studies cite that kids given sugar (sucrose, aspartame, and saccharin from sweets and natural sources) did not reliably act more energetic than groups of kids given placebo candies. But, scientists do state that ingesting more sugar than one normally does (natural or added) causes a release of endorphins and dopamine. So, when ingesting sugar we feel the energy that comes from the intake of carbohydrates needed daily as well as the dopamine release.


A d d e d Sugar

Your body cannot really tell the difference between natural and added sugar as all sugars are processed by the body in a similar way. When it comes to sugar, there is so much mixed information out there! It’s a topic that has become so important so we wanted to share our approach to sugar when designing our recipes. With respect to added sugars, we avoid or limit these in our recipes.  We do not use any artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup in any of our meals.   We also do not serve fruit juice in any of our menus, and instead offer fresh cut fruit. We believe healthy eating for children can include some sugar.  Small amounts of sugar makes eating enjoyable and food with naturally occurring sugars like fruit are nutritious and offer health benefits.   With a little creativity, we’ve found there are many ways to help your child enjoy healthy eating!

* Written by Danielle Hrzic, CEO/CoFounder and Krista Brown, Client Account Representative

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