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The Secret to Good Cooking

Published May 16, 2018

The secret to good cooking comes from a well-stocked pantry and a kitchen full of essential equipment. As Peter Parker rightly said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”, we at Gourmet Gorilla have the most rewarding as well as challenging task of providing nutritious food to kids. With this power, we also have the responsibility of maintaining an industrial kitchen and keeping a special check on our gigantic equipment. Compared to this, maintaining tiny kitchen tools seems so much easier.

Stocking your kitchen with essential tools makes cooking easier, simple, and enjoyable. It shouldn’t take dozen tools or gadgets to cook a family dinner. Some kitchen tools will change the way you cook your food and we want to share some of our favorites with you!

Sharp Knives: Extremely underrated, but these are most important. A dull knife can make chopping look like a laborious task. A well-cut veggie can make a big difference in your diet, and a sharp knife will make chopping couple of ingredients fast and easy. What kind of knife is super useful? We suggest a sharp chef knife. A quality-made knife stays sharper longer and can be re-sharpened and used for years to come. Quick tip: Avoid putting knives in the dishwasher because it ruins the handles!

Slow cooker: Also referred to as a crock pot. Buy one that’s the right size for your family. A great tool for someone on the go: a lot of recipes can be thrown together in minutes before work and are ready to eat when you get home.

Steamer: Keep it healthy with a steamer. Steamers are a great and fast way to cook a vegetable side. A bamboo steamer is great for vegetables and dumplings, while a metal steamer that inserts in a sauce pan or stockpot works great for tamales and seafood boils. You can also find some small, handy microwave steamers, perfect for smaller portions of vegetables.

Garlic press: Of course, you can buy jars of garlic already minced, but one cannot compare the flavors of jar garlic to that of freshly minced. Fresh garlic goes with all kinds of food, and who doesn’t love cheesy garlic bread?!

Meat thermometer: It takes the guesswork out of cooking large meats—turkey, roasts, chicken, or even steaks. Check the internal temperature before you serve. This is our most important tool at Gourmet Gorilla HQ.

Micro-plane grater: Basic graters are just not made for hard cheeses, fresh ginger, fresh nutmeg, nuts, onions, or citrus. Micro-plane grater work wonderfully while zesting lemons. After all, the zest is as important as the juice.

The list can go on for kitchen nerds like us, but we will stop right here.

-Ritika Jagasia, Client Account Representative

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