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Eat like Neymar (or any elite athlete)!

Published October 16, 2017

First things first, junk food has got to go!  No more quick stops at the fast food joint, or daily Big Gulps from 7-11.   For young athletes, these do everything but help them play better.

Instead, encourage them to switch to foods that are conducive to longer, higher intensity periods of training and play.  To do this, look for foods as a source of macronutrients.  Macronutrients are molecules needed in large amounts for an organism to grow.  There are three types: Carbs, proteins and fats.

soccer ball. jpeg.png

When it came to creating a diet for the well-known professional soccer player Neymar at  Club Barcelona, team nutritionists developed a high calorie diet for someone with his activity level.  They were very selective about where those calories came from-  60% from carbs 30% from protein, and 10%  from fats, vitamins and other macronutrients.

Players should look towards complex carbs as their primary energy source. Complex carbs consist of three or more sugar molecules and are most often found in foods high in starches such as whole wheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes.

Again, if you want to diet and train like Neymar, then it’s lean proteins we’re after!  Neymar’s diet consists of a lot of fish, spinach, lentils and beans.

We hope these tips help your athletes reach their goaaallllllls!

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