Sassy Cow Creamery

What we love: With a herd of 450 traditional and 250 organically raised cows, Sassy Cow Farms is leading the charge for sustainable milk farming in the dairy capital of the U.S. Their cows have a diverse diet that consists of pasture, alfalfa, corn, wheat and soybean. While the USDA allows the use of rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), Sassy Cow Farms raises all of their cattle without this hormone that artificially increases milk production. 

Where its featured: You'll find Sassy Cow milk used in some our most popular meals including: mac & cheese, tomato cream sauce, and our french toast! 

Location: Columbus, Wisconsin


Prairie Farms

What we love: Comprised of local, multi-generation dairy farms, Prairie is committed to reaching the masses, while retaining their sustainable, community driven practice. To date, Prairie Farms has taken on over 600 sustainability-related projects, saved over 90 million gallons of water, and remains committed to recycling their equipment, ranging from tires to paper and cardboard. 

Where its featured: Elementary, High School, and After School milk programs

Location: Carlinville, Illinois